Founded in November 2001 in Japan, AFURI has a 17-year history. Led by its Founder, Hiroto Nakamura, this chain of restaurants has 12 establishments in Japan, two in the United States and will soon open a space in the Portuguese capital.

The name AFURI is inspired by the hill with the same name, located on the eastern border of the Tanzawa Mountains, in Kanagawa prefecture. According to a Japanese legend, Afuri is the mother of Mount Fuji.

Mount Afuri has been known since time immemorial for its waters with unique characteristics and properties. In the past, it was considered a sacred hill and still today is a place of pilgrimage to this unique and mysterious place.

The concept of the restaurant AFURI is based on the various proposals of the Japanese gastronomy but the big star is the Ramen. With this unique and authentic dish, AFURI intends to take the sacred Mount Afuri to the whole world and raise the Ramen concept globally (AFURI means superior). Based on the quality of the ingredients and the service of excellence, the brand aims, like the hill that inspires it, to remain direct, honest, firm and reliable: “One ramen. One staff. Always higher. ”

AFURI – USA (Portland)

In 2016 AFURI opened its first restaurant outside of Japan, in Portland, United States of América. The reason for choosing “Rose City” is that this city offers something that no other city in this country could offer: a water quality that, like the water of Mount Afuri, has unique characteristics that give the special flavor.

Also the unique geography of Mount Hood and the Portland ecosystem produce water virtually identical to that used in Japan. The unique characteristics of this water coupled with the quality of the local Pacific Northwest produce both the famous Ramen broth and other Japanese dishes, with high quality.
Why choose Portugal to open your next restaurant?

One of the essential factors for the Ramen confection is the use of fresh and high quality ingredients and these were the main reasons why Lisbon was the place chosen for the opening of the first AFURI in Europe. Bathed almost in its entirety by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has always had as its main source of wealth the sea and all the resources that could extract it. The collection of fresh fish and shellfish, quickly and safely, is an asset and an asset in our country’s favor.

Another reason was the privileged location of Portugal and the growth of tourism, being a great gateway to expand the business to the European continent, one of the goals of the brand.


We consider each of our ingredients as carefully as our water source, using only the freshest, highest quality locally farmed ingredients. Our specialty is Yuzu (citrus) style ramen. Combined with your choice chicken based broth, the Yuzu balances the richness and flavors of the soup, and lifts, lightens and brightens for the perfect ramen.